Survivor: the Ohio State Edition

The real Gordon Gee is nothing like a Buckeye, but he tries to be

Survivor: the Ohio State Edition 1

Ty Wright for The Chronicle

President Gordon Gee of Ohio State U. joined fans before a home game at the football stadium last month.

Gordon Gee has been awake for nearly four hours, and the Ohio State University president needs fuel.

Leaning over his kitchen sink at 8:30 a.m., Mr. Gee shoves a hand mixer into a fat, red Ohio State cup. The concoction of blackberries and a high-protein drink will largely sustain him during a day of nonstop glad-handing with students, alumni, politicians, and donors.

It is game day in Columbus, and the gridiron matchup between the Buckeyes and Purdue University's Boilermakers