Blurring Disciplines, Crossing Borders:

Yale helps reimagine the liberal arts, with Asian influences

Singapore Meets the Ivy League: Blurring Disciplines, Crossing Borders 1

Photographs by Samuel He

Rajeev Patke, a specialist in modern British and American literature, teaches one of Yale-NUS College's inaugural "Literature and Humanities" classes.

"I want you to be uncomfortable," Rajeev S. Patke told his "Literature and Humanities" students.

It was the second week of classes at Yale-NUS College, the new liberal-arts institution created jointly by Yale University and the National University of Singapore, and Mr. Patke's 15 students were wrestling with the Ramayana. The dense Indian epic was proving polarizing: Half the class considered Rama, the tale's hero, a sexist pig; the rest thought the