'Service Learning' Becomes the New Standard at Tulane U.

In architecture, neuroscience, and other disciplines, professors make rebuilding New Orleans a central part of the curriculum

'Service Learning' Becomes the New Standard at Tulane U. 1

Jackson Hill for The Chronicle

As part of a service-learning course, students from Tulane U. document a chant by the North Side Skull and Bones Gang during Mardi Gras.

Tulane University students have been reveling during Mardi Gras and enjoying jazz in the French Quarter for more than a century.

But last week, as another Mardi Gras celebration kicked off, Tulane students were also studying the lives of powerful women in the community: the Mardi Gras Indian queens. This year students also participated in archaeological digs, used their rhetorical skills to coach debate teams at local middle schools, and generally played a more active, and academic,