• September 4, 2015

In Proposals to ‘Reimagine’ Financial Aid, Some Common Ground

Late last year, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded grants to a collection of think tanks, associations, and other groups to produce reports as part of the foundation’s Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery project. Each of the 16 recipients had its own ideas about how to improve student aid, but a handful of key ideas cropped up in a number of reports. The chart below explores some of the most-popular proposals. (Related article: To Fix Student Aid, First Try to Understand It)

  Student-loan repayment plans Consumer information Simplified financial-aid application Tax-benefit reform Pell Grant program Student-loan system College accountability measures
Alliance for Excellent Education


Require colleges to publicly report persistence and graduation rates for student aid recipients

Use only AGI, dependency status, and family size to assess need

Merge tax credits and limit them to students who enroll full-time at least one semester a year

Target Pell Grants to the neediest students and increase their awards; provide additional aid to high-performing students; if students drop out or drop below half-time, convert their Pell grants into loans

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