Milwaukee Strives to Educate a New Kind of Water-Industry Boom Town

Milwaukee Strives to Educate a New Water-Industry Boom Town 1

Kevin J. Miyazaki, Redux

A scientist aboard the "Neeskay," the research vessel of the School of Freshwater Sciences at the U. of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, collects samples from Lake Michigan. The region aims to be the Silicon Valley of water-related research, and to bring more students to higher education in the process.

Drive north here along Lincoln Memorial Drive, and Lake Michigan soon comes into full view. The lake, on a sunny and cloudless day, is a spectacular hue of blue that stretches for miles.

Water is not just a pretty backdrop and source of recreation here but a strong economic driver, with more than 130 water-technology-related businesses in the region bringing in $10.5-billion annually in revenue.

Recognizing that the industry's growth is directly tied to the strength of the