Middle East Turmoil Sends Scholars and Students Packing

Middle-East Turmoil Brings Changes in Study of the Region 1

Holly Pickett, Redux, for The New York Times

Zoe Griffith, a Ph.D. candidate at Brown U., was forced to leave Cairo for Istanbul this summer to continue her field research on Egyptian port cities' influence on trade in the Middle East.

This summer, as yet another violent political upheaval rocked Egypt, study-abroad and foreign academic programs operating here scrambled to get their students out.

Zoe Griffith, a Ph.D. student at Brown University on a Fulbright-Hays fellowship in Egypt, says the local Fulbright commission told her to leave on July 3, the day the army arrested then-President Mohamed Morsi and the U.S. State Department ordered the departure of nonemergency American government personnel. Since then,