Kent State U. Says It Will Pay Bonuses to About 800 Professors

Kent State Says It Will Pay Bonuses to Some 800 Professors 1

Lisa DeJong for The Chronicle

Kara L. Robinson, an instruction librarian (left), is president of the Kent State union that negotiated an unusual incentive program for professors. She doesn't believe the promise of bonuses changed their behavior: "I like to hope our faculty are doing the right thing for the right reason, without knowing there's the possibility of money."

In a year when many college employees are going without raises or worse, more than 800 lucky faculty members at Kent State University will get cash bonuses, the result of an experimental incentive program the university started last year.

The bonuses are financed by a "shared success pool" based on how Kent State performs in three areas of strategic importance: freshman retention, external research support, and fund raising.

When Lester A. Lefton, the university's president,