Anatomy Program at Indiana U. Brings New Life to Study of Cadavers

Indiana U. Anatomy Program Brings New Life to Study of Cadavers 1

Martha Irvine, AP Images

Anatomy students at Indiana U. Northwest's medical school dissect a cadaver. In a twist on the first-year course, they are encouraged to meet the families of cadaver donors, breaking down a traditional wall of anonymity.

After 64 years with his wife, Dorothy, James Purcell has a lifetime of memories to share with five young medical students he has invited to the home where the couple raised their 11 children.

But he is also eager to learn more about her—or, at least, how she died—from them.

These students, one-fifth of the second-year class at the tiny medical school at Indiana University Northwest, dissected Mrs. Purcell's body last year in their first-year anatomy class. This