• August 21, 2014

Grand Jury Indicts Ex-President of Texas Southern U.

Priscilla D. Slade, who was fired in April as president of Texas Southern University, was indicted on Tuesday by a grand jury in Harris County, Tex., on two criminal charges of spending university money for personal gain to furnish her posh house. According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, the grand jury also indicted three other former administrators at Texas Southern, who were accused of helping Ms. Slade in her lavish purchases.

If convicted of the charges, Ms. Slade would face a sentence ranging from five years of probation to life in prison, as well as a fine of up to $20,000.

Many Houstonians saw red this past spring, when they learned about the luxurious home owned by Ms. Slade (The Chronicle, April 5). An audit found that she had spent $286,000 in university money on furniture, landscaping, and security for the new home. After hearing of $647,949 in questionable personal spending over the last seven years, the university’s governing board dismissed Ms. Slade (The Chronicle, April 19).

Ms. Slade has maintained that the expenses were appropriate because she frequently used the house for university business, and she has sued the university for breach of contract and for denying her due process.

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