For Hartwick College's President, an Unexpectedly Good Fit

For Hartwick's President, an Unexpectedly Good Fit 1

Shannon De Celle

Margaret L. Drugovich (right, with her partner, Beth Steele) does not keep her sexuality a secret at Hartwick College, but she says she "has been very careful not to be a lightning rod, to detract from or harm the institution."

Guests are beginning to arrive when Margaret L. Drugovich steers her silver Volvo into the garage and enters the back door of the president's mansion here at Hartwick College. Beth Steele is already inside, greeting people in the expansive foyer, asking them to sign the guest book and help themselves to cinnamon rolls and juice.

Ms. Steele ushers the visitors into the slate-floored living room, where she sits in a chair opposite the fireplace. Then Ms. Drugovich, Hartwick's president,