• September 3, 2015

Faculty Votes No Confidence in Idaho State U. President

A majority of Idaho State University's faculty members have voted no confidence in its president, Arthur C. Vailas. The university's Faculty Senate reported on Friday that the no-confidence referendum had been approved by about 55 percent of faculty members who were eligible to vote, or nearly 72 percent of faculty members who actually took part in the election.

The Faculty Senate's resolution calling for the no-confidence vote, passed last month, accused Mr. Vailas of rushing to carry out an ill-conceived reorganization plan, retaliating against dissenters on the faculty, and hurting Idaho State's reputation through actions such as the firing of Habib Sadid, a tenured engineering professor who has been an outspoken critic.

The university administration's response to the no-confidence vote, as reprinted in the Idaho State Journal, argues that President Vailas has brought about positive change at the university and has widespread support among various constituencies there. The response accuses some Faculty Senate members of conducting an "organized negative campaign" against Mr. Vailas "based upon half-truths and fabrications."


1. jffoster - February 12, 2011 at 07:40 am

What fiscal shape the Sovereign State of Idaho is in I don't know. But if it's like some of the other States (Illinois, California,...) the important question may not be whether the Faculty have confidence in President Vailas but rather whether President Vailas has confidence in the faculty.

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