• August 28, 2015

Education Dept. Catalogs Ideas for Improving Students' Success in College

Apparently there is no shortage of "promising and practical" ideas to help students get into, get through, and graduate from college.

The U.S. Department of Education on Tuesday published descriptions of the several dozen examples it has received from colleges and other organizations describing the counseling, curricular, and administrative programs they offer to help students succeed in college. The ideas include programs for early outreach to high-school students, new approaches to remedial education, and strategies for ensuring that students with enough credits for a degree don't linger too long by taking additional classes.

And the department says: Keep 'em coming.

The department plans to publish those new examples, alongside the ones it has already received, on the postsecondary-completion Web site. In an announcement to appear in the Federal Register on Wednesday, the department said it was looking for "strategies that could be replicated or scaled up," to help meet the Obama administration's goal of raising the nation's college-education rate.

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