• August 30, 2015

Durham Prosecutor Drops Rape Charges Against 3 Duke Lacrosse Players

The district attorney today dropped rape charges against three former Duke University lacrosse players, but plans to go forward with sexual-assault and kidnapping charges, reports The News & Observer.

Background articles from The Chronicle:

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3rd Duke Lacrosse Player Is Indicted on Rape Charges

Sluggish Response to Lacrosse Scandal Reveals ‘Errors of Judgment’ at Duke, Report Says

Duke U. Reports on Lacrosse Players’ Conduct Fault Alcohol Abuse and Lax Enforcement

Duke Incident Raises Issues About Culture of the Campus

Arrests of 2 Lacrosse Players Mark New Phase in Duke Scandal

At Duke, Turmoil Over Rape Allegations Brings Underlying Tensions to the Surface

Duke Scandal Ripples Through College Sports, as Experts Predict Range of Repercussions

Duke U. Lacrosse Coach Resigns and President Responds as Scandal Over Team’s Conduct Escalates


What Next at Duke?

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