Colleges to Confront Deep Cutbacks

In states where new governors pledge no new taxes, higher-education budgets will suffer

Higher Education Faces Deep Cuts Where New Governors Pledge No New Taxes 2

Leila Navidi, Las Vegas Sun

Brian E. Sandoval of Nevada, like some other newly elected Republican governors, pledged to cut spending but hold down taxes despite an enormous budget shortfall.

The budget situation in Nevada is so dire that lawmakers there could cut more than twice the amount they spent on higher education last year and still not fill the state's projected $1.2-billion shortfall.

Despite the gap, which equals nearly a third of the state's spending, the incoming governor, Brian E. Sandoval, a Republican, has pledged that he will not raise taxes to put the state's budget back into the black.

Mr. Sandoval is one of a dozen Republicans who were swept