Brad Wolverton

Senior Writer

Brad Wolverton, a Chronicle senior writer, has covered university leadership, college finances, and intercollegiate athletics, among other topics since joining The Chronicle in 2002. He has overseen the publication's athletics coverage since 2005, focusing on the confluence of money and sports on campus.

In 2007, he examined the increasing influence of booster clubs in college sports, finding that growth in athletics donations has cut into academic gifts at many universities. He has also reported on issues of academic and management malfeasance, and the consequences of a rapid rise in spending on sports.

Before joining The Chronicle, he wrote about sports business for BusinessWeek, and has published articles in Men's Journal, USA Today, and The Washington Post, among other publications. He is a graduate of Indiana University at Bloomington, where he majored in journalism. Wolverton received the Dick Schaap Excellence in Sports Journalism award from Sport in Society in 2008.