Campus Bias Charges Divide Jewish Groups

Complaints of Anti-Semitism Raise Issues of Academic Freedom 1

Danny Ghitis for The Chronicle

Students eat a kosher-for-Passover lunch at the Hillel House on Rutgers's flagship campus. Most Jewish students do not experience anti-Semitism at Rutgers, says the Jewish-student group's director, but "for a number of students who are very active in the pro-Israel community, it has become hostile."

Aaron I. Marcus says he has put up with a lot as a Jewish student here at Rutgers University.

Over the past few years, he says, he has been on the receiving end of anti-Semitism and threats from students and a staff member. A self-described conservative who often voices support for Israel in The Daily Targum, a student newspaper, he recently saw another student paper, The Medium, publish an April Fool's edition with a fake column under his byline that offered praise