• August 30, 2015

Episode 65: Tech Trends for the Coming Year

The Tech Therapists look at cloud computing, green technology, and the other major issues that IT staff members will have to deal with in 2010.

Scott Carlson, a Chronicle reporter, and Warren Arbogast, a technology consultant who works with colleges, talk about the headaches, anxieties, and general problems you might be having with technology on your college campus. Look for new installments every other Thursday.


1. arrive2__net - February 12, 2010 at 02:59 am

I think this discussion raises some relevant issues about whether student's mobile devices will displace the need for regular college computer labs. Although colleges often provide computer labs now, many students have their own lap tops or desktops. Therefore it seems possible that the advance of mobile devices may actually increase the need for computer labs ... since the mobile devices may displace the student's own laptop or desktop instead of college's computer labs. Student will still need access to a "regular computer" (rather than a mobile device) for intensive use. For me ... I prefer an actual computer to a mobile device, if I have to do some long, intense work because its a lot easier on my neck, arms, eyes, etc to use a desktop if I have to spend some real time on a project. So I think demand for computer labs will be relatively stable.

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