• August 27, 2015

Steven Knapp on College Presidents and Immigration Policy


Steven Knapp

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Steven Knapp

Steven Knapp, president of George Washington University, says university leaders should speak out on immigration and describes his institution's approach to globalization.


1. alvitap - August 24, 2010 at 07:29 am

I give Knapp a C- for this oral presentation. He didn't really address the points mentioned in the synopsis. Is his chat a good example of how "university leaders speak out?" Frankly, this talk didn't shed any information that would keep me on the edge of my seat. Maybe I missed something when I fell asleep.

2. llanero - August 24, 2010 at 02:27 pm

A welcoming environment. Well said. A nation of immigrants should endevour to treat immigrants at it would want to be treated. The university presidents of all those Arizona universities should speak up.

3. softshellcrab - August 24, 2010 at 07:00 pm

Yes, the Arizona university presidents should speak up. And state loud and clear that we owe nothing, absolutely nothing, to illegal aliens except maybe a ticket to a prison chain gang. They are criminals and we are the target.

4. alvitap - August 25, 2010 at 11:13 am


What a good idea. Yeah, "Arizona university presidents should speak up .. . and state: loud and clear that we owe nothing, absolutely nothing to illegal aliens except maybe a ticket to a prison chain gang. They are criminals and we are the target."

Why haven't they done that, Softshellcrab? Why haven't all the businesses in AiryZona collectively proclaimed their victimization as you have claimed. I at least understand that the U.S. economy has always relied on slave labor. These presidents probably don't want to alienate their business sector politicos. Do you understand that? Why not attack the presidents who help to support the system you don't seem to understand? Why not put them on a chain gang? They are the ones engaging in the conspiracy of silence.

What you don't understand is that the "rules of the game" are adhered to by every component of the border economy that matters and outsiders, such as yourself, are ignorant of how the game is played. Border crossers are the most important link in the way this game is played and you (and your ilk) are problems that have historically been ignored by the game players. Employers think you and your kind are pests who interfere with their ability to generate maximum profit. They believe that so-called illegal aliens are their most desirable source of productive labor. Do you understand that? .... Businesses want to make maximum proft. Do you understant that?

Now, I am not pro slavery. But Americans have been depending on slave labor for more generations than you can count. ... And the STATE is not going to wean itself from this source of labor anytime soon. So, unless you are willing to start criticizing the very gears of the Capitalist machine, shut your silly trap because your ignorance is so apparent. You are only hurting the desire of small businesses and the middle class slave drivers from eking out a small existence. Do you get that? They want slave labor and you are problem for them.

Big business and the STATE will allow and encourage slave labor from offshore. They are not the same source. But offshore labor is what you should be complaining about because offshore labor is the one keeping you from living the lifestyle of your parents. Do you understand that?

Maybe this is what the AiryZona university presidents understand that you don't. Maybe they don't want to pique the animosity of consitutents much more pragmatic than you seem to be. It's all about political economy.

5. llanero - August 25, 2010 at 02:02 pm


“Yes, the Arizona university presidents should speak up. And state loud and clear that we owe nothing, absolutely nothing, to illegal aliens except maybe a ticket to a prison chain gang. They are criminals and we are the target.”

While I am glad to hear that you agree that the Arizona university presidents should speak up, I am no sure that you grasp the sense behind the words “a nation of immigrants should endeavor to treat immigrants as it would wish to be treated.” Though you may personally feel a certain masochistic desire for the prison chain-gang experience, I do not believe that such a desire is common enough to fit into any notion of the manner in which this nation might wish to be treated. Also, I have some trouble hitting upon the superposition of planes that your metaphor definition wishes to connect. Are we/targets the drivers who use the roads that the undocumented so criminally construct? Are we/targets the residents of the cities that the undocumented so criminally build? Are we/targets the farmers whose crops are so criminally tended to and harvested by the undocumented? Are we/targets the ranchers whose stock is so criminally tended by the undocumented? Are we/targets the consumers of the food that the undocumented so criminally produce and prepare? Or, are we/targets the people after whom the undocumented so criminally clean up every day? ...? I also have some trouble with “target” as the metaphor. The term seems more appropriate when the contributions of those doing the targeting produce or intend some injury, some harm, some trauma, but perhaps you meant that we are the targets of their philanthropic gift. In that case, however, I would need to question your assertion that nothing is owed to these people who do so much of the building and producing and processing and cleaning up, et cetera, unless what you mean by that is that they ask for nothing in return for all their service. In any case, feel free to clear up any confusin.

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