As Deaths Mount, a Question Is Raised: Are Students Hard-Wired for Hazing?

As Deaths Mount, Officials Ask: Are Students Hard-Wired for Hazing? 1

Zuma Press, Newscom

The Marching 100 of Florida A&M U. performed at the Super Bowl in 2010. The prestigious band has a brutal hazing tradition, a former member says.

The drum major's death demanded a response, a plan, a solution. Something that ensured Robert Champion had left behind a world where one student would never again beat the last breath out of another.

After a football game last November, Mr. Champion boarded a bus with other members of Florida A&M University's Marching 100 band. Soon thereafter, he was dead. A medical examiner found deep bruises on his chest, arms, shoulders, and back. He died, the autopsy report said, of