• December 20, 2014

After Leadership Crisis Fueled by Distance-Ed Debate, UVa Will Put Free Classes Online

Can you tell which dog belongs to each of the college presidents pictured below? Click on one of the three dog photos to the right of each president’s photo to register your choice. After you enjoy the quiz, you can read about the roles those dogs play on their campuses.

1. Bryon Grigsby, Moravian College

Grigsby with his dog, Mo.

2. President Steven Knapp, George Washington University

Knapp with his dog, Ruffles.

3. Sean Burrage, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Burrage with his dogs, Sweatpea and Daisy.

4. William Troutt, Rhodes College

Troutt with his dog, Maggie.

5. John Sexton, New York University

Sexton with his dog, LEGS.

6. Barbara-Jayne Lewthwaite, Centenary College

Lewthwaite with her dog, James Pinkie Ears.

7. John Garvey, Catholic University of America

Garvey with his dog, Gus.

8. Donna Shalala, University of Miami

Shalala with her dog, Sweetie.

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