In Greece, 'Academic Hostages' Wait Years for Jobs

'Academic Hostages' Languish at Greece's Beleaguered Universities 1

Photographs by Myrto Papadopoulos, Redux, for The Chronicle

Chara Karagiannopoulou has been waiting three years to take up a job as a lecturer at Panteion U.

In the office of Greece's education minister hangs a list of nearly 800 "academic hostages." It's not public, but anybody unlucky enough to fall into this category—the name was coined by some of the captive scholars themselves—may inquire as to where they stand on it.

Chara Karagiannopoulou is hostage No. 352.

That is how she introduces herself to a Chronicle reporter at Zonar's, an art-deco cafe in downtown Athens. She's been