Abrupt For-Profit Closures Surprise Regulators

Abrupt For-Profit Closures Surprise Regulators 1

M. Scott Brauer for The Chronicle

The American Career Institute closed its campus in Framingham, Mass., and seven other campuses in Massachusetts and Maryland without warning in January. More than 2,200 students were affected.

Tracy DeLorey was only three months away from graduation in January when she learned, via Facebook, that her college, American Career Institute, had closed. The news, she said, "was a kick in the face."

"I wasted a year and a half," said Ms. DeLorey, a single mother of three who works at the commissary at Hanscom Air Force Base, in Massachusetts. More than 2,200 students and 200 employees in Massachusetts and Maryland were displaced by ACI's closure.

Seven months later, many