• September 4, 2015

A 'Rash and Sensationalist' Article on Editor's Suicide

To the Editor:

We are writing to object to the article "What Killed Kevin Morrissey?" (The Chronicle, August 12). The article addresses a heart-rending situation: the recent suicide of The Virginia Quarterly Review's managing editor, Kevin Morrissey. To understand such a difficult, complex matter and the reasons for it requires careful investigative work and skill. From its tabloidlike title to its conclusion, the Chronicle article is rash and sensationalist. Both Mr. Morrissey and Ted Genoways deserve better.

All of the undersigned are contributors to The Virginia Quarterly Review. In our many dealings with Mr. Genoways, we have found him to be professional, tactful, and respectful. Under his expert leadership, VQR quickly turned into a groundbreaking literary journal. We would have shared our experiences with The Chronicle's reporter if she had contacted us. She did not, although many of our names appear on the journal's masthead. Instead, the apparent desire to rush something onto the Internet and into print before the competitors apparently left little time for the actual work of responsible reporting.

Daniel Alarcón
David Baker
Tom Bissell
David Caplan
Jason Florio
Ashley Gilbertson
Roberto (Bear) Guerra
Ruxandra Guidi
Helon Habila
Adam Kirsch
Dimiter Kenarov
Jori Lewis
William Logan
John McNally
Christopher Merrill
David J. Morris
Jason Motlagh
Lygia Navarro
Patrick Phillips
Matthew Power
Alan Shapiro
Neil Shea
Natasha Trethewey
Brian Turner
Elliott D. Woods


1. lee77 - August 31, 2010 at 08:33 am

I want to thank the authors of the several letters expressing various degrees of concern re: the story about Kevin Morrissey - they have added considerably to my understanding. And thank you to The Chronicle for being willing to post these letters

2. argosberyl - August 31, 2010 at 11:31 am

What could the VQR's contributors, including one who has not worked in the office since 2008, possibly know about the day-to-day, inner-office workings of the publication? I think the JHE should right on top of this story, and keep reporting wahtever they can find.

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