Philosopher's Downfall, From Star to 'Ruin,' Divides a Discipline

A Prominent Philosopher's Career Comes to Ignominy 1

Gaston De Cardenas for The Chronicle

"This is a cloud I'll be under forever," says Colin McGinn, who resigned from the U. of Miami after a graduate student complained that he behaved inappropriately toward her. "I don't think it's ever going to lift."

Colin McGinn is towering above Miami Beach.

The prominent British philosopher, who was considered a star hire by the University of Miami several years ago, is sitting on the deck of his penthouse condo as waves crash onto the shore 43 floors below.

To an outsider, it looks like paradise. Mr. McGinn's home is in one of the most sought-after high-rises on Miami Beach's "Millionaire's Row"; his cabana, where he stores paddleboards and surfing gear, is