Leadership & Governance

Video: A Call to Replace Adjuncts With Tenure-Track Faculty Members

Michael H. Schill, president of the University of Oregon, also talks about his plans to focus marketing efforts more on academics and less on athletics.



Students Vent Frustrations as Yale Leaves a Slavery Champion’s Name Intact

The decision to retain the name of Calhoun College has touched off a passionate reaction at a university that has faced months of racial unrest.



How Colleges Are Turning Their Racist Pasts Into Teaching Opportunities  

In keeping John C. Calhoun’s name on a college, Yale University says it welcomes the chance to teach American history. Here’s how that has worked out on three other campuses.


1987: Raking College Curricula Over the Coals

In a best-selling book, Allan Bloom argued that the liberal arts had given up on teaching universal truths.



What I'm Reading: ‘The Pocket Instructor: Literature’

An adjunct professor of literature discovers a book that helps her foster her students’ intellectual independence.



Former Moonwalker Pushes Colonization of Mars From Florida Tech

Buzz Aldrin, who is 86, advises a center run by his son that is bent on figuring out how to get people settled on a neighboring planet.


Leadership & Governance

In Fight Over UC-Davis Chancellor’s Future, Where Does the Faculty Stand?

Despite her mounting controversies, many faculty members say Linda P.B. Katehi should stay on as the campus leader, while others are using the opportunity to voice different concerns.



George Mason’s Plans to Honor Scalia Spark Protests Over the University’s Direction

Critics of an agreement to rename the Virginia institution's law school after the late Supreme Court justice see the move as evidence that the university is being steered rightward by big donors like the Charles Koch Foundation.



After 3 Years, U. of Colorado Deems Its Conservative-Scholars Program a Success  

But the Boulder campus’s invitation of visiting professors of conservative thought may not work elsewhere.


Dissecting One (Extremely Boring) College Lecture  

Three teaching experts offer color commentary on a classroom scene, and discuss the pros and cons of this enduring teaching format.



How Young Republicans on One Campus Are Adapting to a Fractured Party

From a more progressive band of conservatives to "Terps for Trump," the University of Maryland at College Park’s Republican groups mirror the national divide.



Faculty Members Must Play Their Part in Keeping Teaching Costs Under Control

Colleges are exploiting advances in analytical modeling to engage professors in discussions of teaching cost in relation to quality.

Lingua Franca

Capital Punishment

Students may get away with all caps, but academe is a linguistic field where no possible slight goes unsuspected. Bill Germano suggests Sentence case or Title Case but not SHOUTING case.



'Dear Forums ...': How Much Time Should I Spend on a Topic in Class?

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: how to manage a colleague who's overstepping her bounds; my institute's terrible work-at-home policy.



Conference Challenges for People with Psychiatric Disabilities

How to make scholarly conferences more accessible.