A Faculty’s Stand on Trigger Warnings Stirs Fears Among Students  

Even as it draws praise for shielding academic freedom, the skeptical stance taken by American University professors is also being denounced for potentially undermining students who are psychologically vulnerable.



Colleges Are Accused of Withholding Public Records on the Role of Race in Admissions  

A brief filed in the closely watched Fisher v. Texas case says universities are becoming "steadily less transparent" when faced with open-records requests. Many institutions beg to differ.

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Responding to Racist Incidents, U. of Missouri Requires Diversity Training for Students and Employees

The announcement follows two incidents in which students said they had been subjected to racial slurs.

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Purdue Says It Overreacted by Deleting Video of Journalist Who Showed Classified Slides

Barton Gellman says the university consulted the government before deleting video of his presentation, then backtracked.


Students Who Feel Emotionally Unprepared for College Struggle in the Classroom

Stress outside the lecture hall tends to result in lower grades for freshmen, along with a range of other negative experiences, according to survey results released on Thursday.



How a Law Seminar Inspired a Student to Bring a Case to Europe’s Top Court

A landmark privacy-rights decision this week resulted from a Facebook representative's visit to a law-school classroom at Santa Clara University. A professor there describes what happened.



Same-Sex Hiring Policies Polarize Some Christian Colleges  

The Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage has caused religious institutions to reiterate, or redefine, their stances.


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The Attorney General Who Wants to Keep Private Colleges on Course  

Eric T. Schneiderman, New York’s top law-enforcement officer, took an activist role in forcing the struggling Cooper Union to submit to state oversight. His office plans to steer other institutions away from trouble, too.


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Why I Was Fired  

First I was anti-Semitic. Then I was uncivil. Then I was a bad teacher. Then I was too charismatic. Then I was too angry. Then …


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Go East, Evangelicals  

American 19th-century missionaries to the Middle East came home with a complicated view of Islam.


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A Critic's Critic Quits His Day Job

Mild-mannered, anxiety-plagued George Scialabba begins a new chapter of his literary career.



Making Drafts Count

Here’s how to get students to take them more seriously.



Why It’s So Hard to Leave Academe

Rational people have good reasons for staying in an academic-employment system that has failed them.



From Bench Science to Public Information Officer

A Ph.D. in neuroscience isn’t necessary for the job, but it comes in handy.