Is It Time for Universities to Get Out of the Hospital Business?  

The health-care industry is turning inside out, forcing some elite institutions to consider whether their once-lucrative medical centers are becoming liabilities.



What the Slowdown in Ed-Tech Investment Means for Colleges  

Some start-ups may well burn out, but at least two areas are still growing: career services and learning analytics.


UNC Press to Offer Publishing Services for Professors’ DIY Textbooks

In a fresh example of the growth of open educational resources, the press will work with faculty members who want to create and post online their own materials.

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Dowling College, Long in Financial Trouble, Will Close on Friday

The small liberal-arts college, which enrolls 2,500 students at two campuses on New York's Long Island, is reportedly $54 million in debt.

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SUNY Chancellor to Step Down in 2017

Nancy Zimpher has faced an uphill battle against budget cuts in New York's sprawling state-university system.

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Akron's Controversial President Will Resign Immediately

According to a statement from the university's Board of Trustees, the board and Scott Scarborough "mutually agreed" on his departure.


Leadership & Governance

‘Fundamental Failure’ on Sexual Assaults Brings Sweeping Change at Baylor

The university’s leaders face a steep challenge in enacting the reforms that they promised after Baylor’s response to sexual violence, especially involving its football team, was found to be riddled with problems.



Baylor’s Admission of Major Mistakes on Sexual Assault Sends Shock Through Its Community

The university’s decision to demote the president and fire the football coach left activists feeling as if their voices had finally been heard.

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5 Damning Findings From the Baylor Investigation

Virtually everything that could be wrong with a university's and an athletic department's treatment of sexual assault was wrong at Baylor.



What Colleges Can Do to Diversify Their Curricula  

Student protesters at Seattle University want fewer "dead white dudes" in their curriculum. Is that possible?


Independent Investigators Seek to Save Colleges From Themselves  

Whom do governing boards call when their college is under fire for mishandling a sexual assault? An outsider.



State Lawmakers Seek to Protect Campus Speech, With Mixed Success  

Arizona bars public colleges from confining protests to "speech zones," but other states’ legislatures resist taking stands on hot-button issues like microaggressions and trigger warnings.



Why Georgetown's Randy Bass Wants to 'Rebundle' College  

Believe it or not, he says, traditional institutions have a long history of innovation. His university's project on the future of higher education intends to continue that trend.



What Makes a Good Teacher?

You may never be as funny, approachable, or creative as your favorite teacher — the key is to try.

Lingua Franca

Bully Pulpits and Pulpit Bullies

Allan Metcalf wonders about the word bully, past and present.


Op-Ed on Copyright Case Was Misleading

Parts of the piece risk both unhelpfully inflaming the already heated rhetoric and obscuring the issues around the case.



Trade Secrets of the Submission Process

Here are two things that journal editors would prefer you didn’t know about your manuscript.



The Vitae Bookshelf: Kelly J. Baker

Five books theorizing on monsters, horror, and culture.