Leadership & Governance

U. of Dayton Stretches Out Presidential Transition

The university has given Eric F. Spina, the new president, 10 months to learn from his predecessor, Daniel J. Curran, before taking over. In a recent conversation, the two leaders talked about the methodical changing of the guard.



Should Everyone Go to College?  

For poor kids, "college for all" isn’t the mantra it was meant to be. The national push may be doing more harm than good.



When Everyone Goes to College: a Lesson From South Korea  

Hearing American officials say the United States should emulate a near-universal college-attendance rate, some higher-ed experts in the East Asian nation scratch their heads.

Special Reports

Chronicle Writers Are Honored for Articles on Admissions and Athletics

The Education Writers Association recognizes "a fresh lens" on a "hard to crack" beat and an ambitious data collaboration that showed how more than 200 college sports programs were supported on the backs of students.

The Ticker

College of DuPage Chooses a Retired Navy Admiral as Its New President

Ann Rondeau, a consultant with the IBM Watson Group and a former president of the National Defense University, will take office at the troubled Illinois college in July.

The Ticker

U. of Wisconsin at Madison Faculty Votes No Confidence in System's President and Regents

The symbolic vote is the latest volley in a long-running dispute over the state of tenure and shared governance in the system.



What Can the U.S. Learn From Switzerland, a World Leader in Apprenticeships?  

Ambassador Martin Dahinden explains why two-thirds of his nation’s high-school graduates serve as apprentices and describes how America could import elements of the Swiss plan.


Leadership & Governance

Video: A Call to Replace Adjuncts With Tenure-Track Faculty Members

Michael H. Schill, president of the University of Oregon, also talks about his plans to focus marketing efforts more on academics and less on athletics.



Students Vent Frustrations as Yale Leaves a Slavery Champion’s Name Intact

The decision to retain the name of Calhoun College has touched off a passionate reaction at a university that has faced months of racial unrest.



How Colleges Are Turning Their Racist Pasts Into Teaching Opportunities  

In keeping John C. Calhoun’s name on a college, Yale University says it welcomes the chance to teach American history. Here’s how that has worked out on three other campuses.


Leadership & Governance

In Fight Over UC-Davis Chancellor’s Future, Where Does the Faculty Stand?

Despite her mounting controversies, many faculty members say Linda P.B. Katehi should stay on as the campus leader, while others are using the opportunity to voice different concerns.


The Chronicle Review

The Peril of Perpetual Revenge

Does historical memory further peace or incite conflict?

Lingua Franca

Lucifer in the Flesh

Lucy Ferriss unpacks John Boehner's recent characterization of Ted Cruz.



4 Lessons for Aspiring Administrators

Doctoral training doesn’t exactly prepare us to admit areas of ignorance or demur from participating in some conversations.



'Dear Forums ...': How Much Time Should I Spend on a Topic in Class?

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: how to manage a colleague who's overstepping her bounds; my institute's terrible work-at-home policy.