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Will the NLRB's Columbia Ruling Tarnish the 'College Experience'? A Closer Look

The National Labor Relations Board's lone dissenter said a host of unwelcome behaviors were likely to take hold at private colleges. The other members largely dismissed that concern.


Leadership & Governance

What It’s Like to Be Interim President — Again

The current interim leaders of Baylor, Cornell, and Temple are all in their second go-round in that job on their campuses. Here’s a look at some of the challenges they face.



What Will College Be Like for a Transgender Student in North Carolina?

The recipient of a prestigious scholarship talks about how he will navigate his freshman year after the passage of the state’s controversial "bathroom bill."

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Out to 'Impress' a Woman, U. of Pittsburgh Student Instead Needs to Be Rescued

"The young man met a girl, brought her up to a rooftop, and decided to impress her by leaping from one roof to the next," a city spokeswoman said. He ended up stuck beside a Qdoba restaurant.

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Stanford Bans Hard Liquor From Undergraduate Parties

The university's students and faculty and staff members have been talking about its troubling alcohol culture since March.

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Judge Rejects Texas Professors' Bid for Injunction to Block Guns From Classrooms

Monday's ruling means that people licensed to carry concealed firearms will be able to bring them to campus when fall classes start, on Wednesday.



The New Gun-Violence Scholars

A discipline with little federal funding now has some momentum. But the researchers who study firearms violence and policy still face emotional and financial demands.


Admissions & Student Aid

A Wider Lens on the ‘Match’ Between Students and Colleges

Many people worry that high-achieving, low-income students too often don’t attend top colleges. A new book explores the challenge of helping more students succeed at a broader range of institutions.



What Has Welfare Reform Meant for Students’ Higher-Education Dreams?

The law, signed 20 years ago today by President Bill Clinton, has had a complex impact on poverty — and on educational attainment, according to Amy Ellen Duke-Benfield, a policy analyst with the Center for Law and Social Policy.


Community Colleges

How One College Helps Its Students Navigate the Maze of Social Services

Skyline College is one of a small but growing number of institutions that look beyond financial aid to help ensure that living expenses don’t delay or derail adult students.



To Curtail Violence, Researchers Say, Reduce Economic Inequality

If a coherent antiviolence strategy exists, it’s built on two precepts: Think small, and start by creating jobs. Both of those guidelines present researchers with challenges.


Leadership & Governance

Top U.S. Higher-Education Official Says Innovation Will Best Serve the ‘New Normal’ Students

Ted Mitchell visited The Chronicle’s newsroom to talk about the Education Department’s role in promoting innovation and change, and ways the legacy of that work could endure after the Obama administration.


Special Reports

For the ‘Big Ask,’ Some Presidents Look Within

College chiefs are used to asking potential donors to contribute major gifts. But not all are up to posing the question to themselves.

Lingua Franca

A Person Who

I’m a person who likes and I like mean exactly the same thing, says Lucy Ferriss. So why the rise in the more convoluted version?


There Exist Proven Approaches to Non-Academic Student Support

Colleges and universities are implementing an array of innovative new programs that offer students guidance on navigating the higher-education landscape and help them develop the skills needed for success.


The Chronicle Review

The Insidious Imps of Writing

To outwit them, you've got to hypnotize yourself, shaking off the shackles of everyday routine.



On Awkward PowerPoints and Wobbly Podiums

When to ask for help and when to make the best of it.



Dear Adviser: You Were My Favorite Mistake

In choosing my committee chair, I made the best worst decision of my academic career.