Community Colleges Face Big Security Risks With Few Resources

The mass shooting in Oregon shows how two-year colleges respond to a crisis with limited means at hand.


Credentialing ‘Summit’ Will Tackle Proliferation of Degrees, Badges, and Certificates

More than 150 people from education, labor, business, and public-policy groups will gather on Monday to make sense of the new world of credentials.


Admissions & Student Aid

College Admissions Isn’t Fair … Whatever That Means  

When applicants and institutions push for "fairness," they aren’t even talking about the same thing.

Admissions & Student Aid

New College-Application Site Aims to Capture Traits of Success — Like Grit and Engagement  

A coalition of selective institutions hopes to shake up how students apply to college. The group’s online portal is meant to bring more clarity to the process.


How One College Hopes to Reshape General Education  

Southern Utah University is trying out a "supercourse" that lets students complete all their requirements in one year.



O’Bannon Ruling Heightens Debate Over Pay for College Players

A federal appeals court finds the NCAA violated antitrust laws, but strikes down a prior ruling that would allow for annual $5,000 payments to athletes.

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Laureate Education Will File for Initial Public Offering and Adopt New Model

The for-profit educator plans to convert itself into a public-benefit corporation, in which it will commit to providing public service as well as earning profits.

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Here Are the Best Videos of Arne Duncan Playing Basketball

Much of America may know the departing education secretary for his skills on the court. Watch these clips to see why.

Wired Campus

How Student Video Presentations Can Build Community in an Online Course

In the online environment, many aspects of pedagogy and course design that are taken for granted in face-to-face courses become serious challenges.

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Education Secretary Arne Duncan Will Step Down in December

President Obama will name John B. King Jr., a senior official in the Education Department, as interim secretary.


The Problem With Religious Tolerance

You can think a religious belief is wrong without being intolerant. It’s time to start recognizing the difference.

Lingua Franca

Everyday Artificial Stupidity

Geoff Pullum thinks the appallingly dumb behavior of the machines that currently talk to us does not bode well for the future of intelligent devices.

Lingua Franca

A Lesson in 'Lessen'

Why not just say decrease? Lucy Ferriss, answering a discomfited reader, explains why a plethora of synonyms makes English so rich.


Lingua Franca

Papal Language

Allan Metcalf pontificates about papa and pope and, of course, pontificate.



It's Illegal, Yet It Happens All the Time

How pregnant women and mothers get hounded out of higher education.



Stop Resisting a 2-Tier System

The truth is: You don’t need a Ph.D. for most of the available teaching jobs.