What Happens When Your Research Is Featured on ‘Fox & Friends’

A foundational piece of research on microaggressions, cited as a guide by several universities, has surfaced as ammunition in the war over sensitivity in higher education.



As Big Data Comes to College, Officials Wrestle to Set New Ethical Norms  

Institutions collect startling amounts of information on students. Do the students have a right to know how it's being used, and should they be able to opt out?



AAUP Rethinks How It Fights Governing Boards  

The American Association of University Professors plans to review its policies dealing with colleges’ governing boards in response to fears of ineffectiveness and controversy surrounding its sanction of the University of Iowa.

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Nearly 1 Million Community-College Students Lack Access to Federal Student Loans

A study finds that students are pushed to take out more-expensive private loans or rely on credit cards to finance their education.

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Long-Struggling Dowling College Is Told It Will Lose Accreditation

The New York institution has been trying to strike a deal with an international education company to help reverse declining enrollments and avoid closing.

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Kentucky Governor Reveals Nominees for New U. of Louisville Board

Gov. Matt Bevin's list of trustees includes the founder of Papa John's Pizza.



Data Mining Points Path to Helping Female and Minority Scientists

Research from Harvard suggests that measuring "reach" — how closely one journal author is connected to others — could be a key factor in career advancement.



Why an Ex-Mayor Sees Minority Students as Assets for Globally Competitive Businesses  

A former mayor of Minneapolis says "different schools" will help close the achievement gap between white and minority students.



Turmoil Raises Specter of Faculty Exodus From Public Colleges  

High-profile defections stoke rumors of a mass exit, but even if professors aren’t fleeing in droves, there’s plenty of maneuvering behind the scenes.

Leadership & Governance

Gay College Leaders Reflect on Barriers, and How Far They’ve Come  

LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education held its second annual conference in the wake of a mass shooting that targeted gay Americans. Even in the aftermath of that tragedy, some members saw encouraging signs.


Video: N.C. ‘Bathroom Bill’ Is Discriminatory

Randy Woodson, chancellor of North Carolina State University, says a controversial law that requires transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to the gender listed on their birth certificates is discriminatory and could damage his campus's standing in the scholarly community.



Admissions & Student Aid

As ‘Fisher’ Churned, Conversations About Campus Diversity Evolved  

Shifts in economics and student demographics, along with resurgent activism, have altered the tenor of the discussion about affirmative action over the past eight years.



Race-Conscious Admissions Policies Just Got Easier to Defend  

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the University of Texas both fleshes out how colleges can stay out of legal trouble and blunts some of the weapons used to attack affirmative action.


The Chronicle Review

Where Conservative Ideas Come From

Historians of the right face a reckoning in the time of Trump.


UC Campuses Do, in Fact, Provide Emergency-Preparedness Training

The largest hurdle they face is getting students, staff, and faculty to show up for the training.


The Chronicle Review

The Flaw at the Heart of Psychological Research  

The nature of the discipline makes statistics create headaches.



Learning More About Active Learning

Maybe you have to know why these teaching strategies work to be able to know how they work best.



Peer Reviewing the Peer Reviews

With a little help from your friends, you can understand which reviewers have been helpful and which should be ignored.