Research Raises Questions About Colleges That Shift From For-Profit to Nonprofit

Four higher-education companies converted to nonprofit status but now act like "covert for-profits," a report says.

Wired Campus

Can Online Education Help Refugees Earn Degrees?

Refugees often lack the paperwork needed to enroll in conventional universities. But some online universities have begun recruiting those students.

Labor & Work-Life Issues

On the Academic Job Market, Does Patience Pay Off?

Some advisers say young scholars should expect to spend several years looking for tenure-track positions; others emphasize the need to strike quickly. Vitae's JobTracker project tries to get a read on the reality.



Tough on Colleges, Arne Duncan Bequeaths Record of Advocacy for Students

Assessments of the education secretary’s seven-year tenure credit him with changing the culture of the department to one of accountability and transparency.

Admissions & Student Aid

Coalition’s Plans for New Application Platform Stir Debate

Admissions officers and college counselors got a description of the new site over the weekend — and a chance to critique it.



Community Colleges Face Big Security Risks With Few Resources

The mass shooting in Oregon shows how two-year colleges respond to a crisis with limited means at hand.

Admissions & Student Aid

Where Else Are You Applying? Colleges Can't Ask Applicants Much Longer

New ethical guidelines approved by the National Association for College Admission Counseling forbid the question, which dozens of colleges currently use to help them predict who will enroll.

Admissions & Student Aid

Researcher's Goal: An Admissions Process That Rewards 'Ethical Character'

The project grew from the worry that many teens are too focused on their own success and that colleges are contributing to that problem.


Credentialing ‘Summit’ Will Tackle Proliferation of Degrees, Badges, and Certificates

More than 150 people from education, labor, business, and public-policy groups will gather on Monday to make sense of the new world of credentials.


Arne Duncan’s Legacy: The Difference That Strong Leadership Can Make

Today our higher-education system is a step closer to reflecting the needs of today’s increasingly diverse students — and the changing meaning of "college" to include all types of postsecondary learning.


It's Not a Game: Future Secretaries Must Respect Higher Education's Complexity

Academe has been ill served by "one size fits all" mandates, outsized foundation and corporate influence, and a disregard for the people who know what it takes to help students succeed.



Where Is the Grass Greener?

A former adjunct looks into the perils of freelancing.



Scholars Talk Writing: Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

Why a philosopher applies Kantian ethics to writing.



Introducing JobTracker

A little over a year ago, we announced a plan to figure out who's getting the tenure-track jobs that are so desperately coveted. Now we've got something to show you: a beta version of an interactive tool that takes a data-driven look at the academic job market.